Student Testimonials

I feel so fortunate to have found the Boulder School of Metals. I started taking Shelly’s classes 3 years ago and haven’t stopped yet. It is the highlight of my week! The class sizes are small so you get a ton of one-on-one attention. You learn to develop your own artistry beyond just learning the technical aspects. What I love about Shelly is her ability to help you problem solve, she helps you understand what wasn’t working and why, how to fix it and improve your craftsmanship at the same time. She is truly a passionate and devoted teacher, you won’t find another w/ more skills and experience.

Julie Neal

I was thrilled to find a very professional jewelry making school in the Boulder area. The instructor was very knowledgeable, I can’t wait to take another class!

Workshop student

I’ve never taken a Metalsmithing class before and felt a bit intimidated by the scope of all the tools.  Karen, the instructor made everyone feel very welcomed and did a fantastic job explaining each step of the process making it easy and accessible for any beginner. Great class!

Workshop Student

As a beginner attending classes at the Boulder School of Metals, I was thrilled to make wearable pieces from the very first class.  All students are encouraged to find their own voice from the start, as the projects are not cookie cutter knock offs. As a master jeweler and teacher, Shelly motivates, challenges and inspires all of her students.

Ann Barry

I have taken a few classes over the years at other schools in the area,  Boulder School of Metals is by far the most professional, friendly and knowledgeable place I’ve found. Tools are supplied by BSM, so no tool list and another bonus, no constant email solicitations. The classes are small, the instructor’s are highly skilled and very well educated in the jewelry field. I’m super grateful to have landed here, it’s the highlight of my week!


Very well planned workshop, the best one I have taken in the Boulder area. Karen was very professional and very patient with the group the entire weekend. I made pieces that were way beyond my expectations.


Workshop Student

I began taking classes at the Boulder School of Metals in the fall of 2012. I continue to take classes because the possibilities for learning from Shelly are as endless as the possibilities in metalwork itself.  While my background is in engineering and I value the discipline of process, I like the room for creativity to work without patterns or recipes. Shelly does an excellent job of teaching skills and allowing for each student’s creativity of application. At the Boulder School of Metals, each person benefits from one-on-one instruction balanced with group instruction.

Deborah Chandler

Emily, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for my second great class under your tutelage. Your deep subject-matter expertise, passion to create cool jewels, and approachable teaching style were exactly what I was hoping for when I chose Boulder School of Metals.

Heidi Pate

Emily’s instruction was concise, hands on and allowed us to play and experiment, really fun class.


Workshop student